The First Fuel Concentrate

Liquid Fuel Concentrate

Unlike powdered products Nectar mixes instantly with water.

Precision Dosing System

The pump delivers an accurate 25ml dose efficiently straight into your sports bottle.
It makes filling your water bottle fast, clean and precise.


One 2l Fuel Tank produces 40 isotonic servings at only 62.5p each.

Your Choice

For the first time, you can choose the fuelling system your sport needs: HYPOTONIC, ISOTONIC or HYPERTONIC

1 pump = HYPOTONIC

(3% carbohydrate)

Greater concentration of CHO and Ions within the cell, so H20 moves in. The result, fast hydration for low intensity exercise.

2 pumps = ISOTONIC

(6% carbohydrate)

CHO and Ion concentrations in balance so molecules are free to move across the membrane. Ideal for regular training / racing.

3 pumps = HYPERTONIC

(9% carbohydrate)

Greater concentration of CHO and Ions outside the cell, so CHO moves in. For a real energy boost during training.

CHO (Fructose)
CHO (Glucose)